Amtran Will Cooperate With LG To Build LCD TV Factory In Suzhou

Amtran Technology, a Taiwan-based display OEM/ODM company, is discussing with the South Korea panel giant LG Display Company to form a joint venture in Suzhou.

The new factory will be oriented to the production of backlit modules, LCD modules and LCD televisions. The two sides hope to start production in the third quarter of 2008.

Referring to the investment amount, stake proportion and other details, the spokespersons of the two sides say that these issues are still undergoing discussion.

As one of the biggest plasma TV foundries in Taiwan, Amtran Technology has implemented rapid deployments in the LCD TV sector over the recent three years. Its Vizio brand TV once owned a 10% market share in the North American market, which was only second to Sony and Samsung. At the same time, LG has been seeking cooperation opportunities with Taiwanese and Japanese TV manufacturers to jointly expand the panel display market. As one of the top five panel customers of LG Display, Amtran Technology will become a close partner in LG's volume production of its eighth-generation LCD panel in 2009.

At present, Amtran Technology has not formally started its expansion in mainland China market and its layout in Shenzhen and Suzhou seems insouciant. In regards to this situation, Qiu Yuping, spokesperson of Amtran Technology, told local media that it is certain that the company will enter the mainland China market and it has many choices of entry ways. It may enter as a foundry, cooperate with a mainland brand or develop its own brand. However, if the company decides to operate its own brand in the mainland market, it needs time to decide the brand, price and channel.

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