China Expresses Willingness To Enhance Food Safety Cooperation With Other Countries

Liu Jianchao, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said at a press conference that China was willing to enhance cooperation with other countries in the food safety sector.

The remarks were made when he responded to a question about the US Food and Drug Administration's plans to open overseas offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to enhance the supervision over China's food safety.

Liu said that the Chinese government attached great importance to the food safety issue and had been taking substantial and forceful measures to ensure food safety, including food that was exported to other countries. China is willing to enhance cooperation with the countries concerned and holds a positive attitude towards this cooperation. However, on the question of how to conduct the cooperation, further communication will be needed between the both sides.

Liu added that China and the United States are discussing this issue and hoped that the two could find an acceptable solution for both sides.

According to Mike Leavitt, US Health and Human Services secretary, the United States hopes to open three FDA offices in China, two in Latin America and one in India by the end of autumn, 2008.

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