Naverus To Advance Navigation Technology In China

Naverus, in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Administration of China, opened an office in Beijing and signed a broad Strategic Partnership with the CAAC's Center of Aviation Safety Technology.

The office will support Naverus operations in China as the company deploys Required Navigation Performance technology across the country. RNP is a cornerstone in China's planned development and implementation of their Next Generation Air Transportation System.

The Naverus office opening ceremony included key officials from the CAAC, CAST, Air China, and the State Department of the United States. It formalizes a two year-old relationship between Naverus, and CAAC's CAST.

The Director General of CAST, Shi Dinghao said, in his speech, "Since 2004, the CAAC/CAST and Naverus have successfully implemented highly regarded RNP procedures in Lhasa, Linzhi and Jiuzhai airports, which have made outstanding contributions to safe and efficient operations at these very challenging airports with high elevation and complex terrain." Currently, Naverus is working under contract to implement RNP at three airports that do not have RNP operations and introduce RNP operations with two additional aircraft types into two of the current RNP airports."

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