Huawei Encourages Employees To Hunt For Talent

Good talent is hard to find in China, so Chinese communications equipment provider Huawei has rolled out a prize to encourage its employees to hunt for new staff for the company.

Huawei will pay RMB500 to each employee for every talent they successfully bring to the company.

According to Xiao Wen, a representative from Huawei, as it is more expensive to search for talents via professional job hunters, the company has turned to its existing employees to recruit more talents. Xiao says that to seize more talents, Huawei has arranged special personnel to receive resumes all day and all night.

Due to fierce market competition, many technology companies in China place human resources high on their agenda. China's new Labor Law has also put a squeeze on some companies in how they provide initial probationary job periods and how they provide benefits to their staff.

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