Hejian And Elpida To Set Up Wafer Facility In Suzhou

According to No. 1 Finance Daily, Suzhou-based Hejian and Japanese wafer giant Elpida will jointly set up a 12-inch wafer plant in Suzhou Industrial Park under the name of He Fa.

Suzhou Hejian has long put the establishment of the 12-inch wafer facility on its business agenda. Before the Chinese Spring Festival, Xu Jianhua, president of Suzhou Hejian, said that the facility would be put into operation in 2008 if everything went smoothly.

However, Suzhou Hejian has not made any comment on the report of its cooperation with Elpida on the building of the new facility.

No. 1 Finance Daily had previously reported that the two parties might set up a 12-inch wafer plant in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

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