Chinese Sourcing Company Opens American Office

DEX & Company, a global source for embroidered caps and hats, has opened a subsidiary office in California, United States.

"DEX is a strong leader in sourcing known for customer service," stated Raymond Chan, managing director of DEX & Company. "We are the only supplier in China that maintains a quality control manager on-site to ensure consistency of product quality and also allows us to report the status directly to the customer daily throughout the entire process."

DEX is an export trading company headquartered in Hong Kong that manages the entire supply chain for outsourcing embroidered headwear. They source the raw materials, manage the suppliers and manufacturer, oversee quality control, and handle all logistics through customs to delivery. With an extensive manufacturing network in China, DEX also has access to the most technologically advanced embroidery machines.

"Having a North American presence," continued Chan "is a natural evolution to the service we provide for our customers. It supports our commitment to provide a hassle-free experience to our customers."

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