Chamco Auto Expands Partnerships With Chinese Auto Manufacturers

China America Cooperative Automotive, an importer and distributor of Chinese vehicles into the U.S., Canada and Mexico, is inviting Chinese auto manufacturers to utilize the company's range of services to bring additional car models into the North American marketplace.

In late 2008, Chamco Auto plans to be the first to import fully compliant Chinese-assembled vehicles into North America.

"We want Chinese auto manufacturers to think of Chamco Auto as the 'one stop shop' for the services they need to bring their models into the U.S., Mexico and Canada," says Chamco Auto Chairman Bill Pollack. "From engineering and quality control to certification and distribution, Chamco Auto helps Chinese auto makers succeed in quickly and cost effectively bringing their cars to North America. Based on the success we've had in working with China's Zhongxing Automobile Company, we look forward to joining with other non-competing car manufacturers to expand our model line."

In preparation for the 2008 arrival from China, Chamco Auto is actively developing a network of 550 dealerships throughout North America where a complete line of Chinese autos from multiple manufacturers will be sold.

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