Foxconn Wants To Make Shenzhen Its Global Headquarters

While shifting from a manufacturer to a technology provider, Foxconn is making Shenzhen its global planning headquarters and a center for global manufacturing.

According to Chinese media, Foxconn intends to make Shenzhen its new product R&D and design center; key manufacturing technology R&D center; new material and new energy R&D center; equipment and mould technology R&D center; and product display, trade and logistic center as well as a new product measurement center. In the meantime, it is set to expand the sales of its products in the Chinese mainland.

Established in Shenzhen in 1988, Foxconn has grown into one of the largest industrial enterprises in the city with one of the highest export volumes. By November 20, 2007, Foxconn's export in Shenzhen had reached US$29.7 billion and its annual exports are estimated to reach about US$34.5 billion.

Foxconn is a subsidiary of Taiwan based Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd. It is mainly engaged in such fields as nanotechnology, heat transfer systems, wireless connectivity, material sciences, and green manufacturing processes.

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