Green Waste Processing Facility Opened In Beijing

Beijing's first waste processing facility that is specially designed for recycling "green waste" has been unveiled in the city's Fengtai District.

Located outside of Beijing's South Fourth Ring Road, the 5000 square meter Caoqiao Plant Waste Processing Plant is neatly divided into four different sections of windrow composting area, smashing area, fermenting area and processing area through which smashed plant waste is transformed into manure. Wei Gonglei, a technician from the facility, has told local media that the manure produced can be used for plants and flowers, and when added with elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and kalium, they can be used as nutritious soil for high-end flowers like orchids.

The facility hopes to process about 15000 tons of green waste from Fengtai District each year to generate 5000 tons of organic manure and achieve about RMB2.5 million in income.

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