Chinese Pharma Company Revamps For Longterm Covid-19 Support

Amidst the continued impact of COVID-19 on people around the globe, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd, a purveyor of health products and solutions, says it has actively adapted its business and accelerated its online initiatives to better promote its unique health philosophy and ensure transparency across production and R&D.

In January 2020, Infinitus launched a strategic partnership with Tencent Smart Retail with the objective to enhance its digital presence and online-offline integration. Infinitus fast-tracked this partnership and launched two mini-programs on WeChat, including Infinitus Online Mall, a social e-commerce system that helps sales partners continue their marketing and promotion efforts online, and Infinitus Marketing Assistant for sales partners to manage customers and realize precision marketing.

The Infinitus Online Mall hosted its debut live stream on April 17th. During the broadcast, Infinitus introduced consumers to its latest range of products to promote health, nutrition and well-being, and provided essential tips for healthy living during the pandemic. In one hour and ten minutes, the live stream garnered over 611,000 views and 14.142 million likes from viewers.

Further bolstering its online penetration and promote its unique health philosophy, Infinitus launched a video challenge event on the video-sharing social networking app Douyin (TikTok). During the two-week event, which ran from July 10 until July 24, the company received over 30,000 video entries, which accumulated more than 280 million views. Through its engaging and dynamic content, Infinitus drummed up public interest and championed the importance of improving immunity and health.

In addition, Infinitus also leveraged live streaming video of its R&D centers and production bases in a groundbreaking way, giving public an in-depth look online at Infinitus' R&D work and manufacturing process.

"The pandemic has forced people and organizations from all walks of life to transform their thinking and deliver change through innovation. In line with these trends, Infinitus has taken a number of steps to adapt to the new normal, from expediting digital transformation to ensuring high standards of compliance to our customers' need," said Mr. Huang Jianlong, Senior Vice President of Infinitus (China). "As a player in the health industry, Infinitus will continue promoting the health concepts and improving the wellbeing of people with our high-quality products and services."

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