Nokia Rises From The Dead As It Selects Smartphone OEM

Nokia will return to the smartphone market when its licensing agreement with Microsoft expires in 2016, and then the once-dominant mobile company says it will embrace the Android operating system.

As part of this transition, Foxconn will make Nokia's first Android smartphone, which will be first released in China, India, and some European countries. Foxconn is a Taiwan-based original equipment manufacturer and already produces many Apple iPhone components.

At present, Foxconn makes N1 tablets for Nokia. This product is reportedly the first product developed by the technical department of Nokia. N1 has been launched in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan and is reportedly well received by consumers. Nokia plans to make it available in more markets in the future.

In regards to its first Android smartphone, Nokia plans to launch a global marketing campaign for it before the end of 2015 and will launch an official product website then.

Financial details concerning Foxconn's manufacturing of the Nokia phone were not released.

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