GE Commences Transmission Partnership With Chinese Partner

GE is working with a Chinese partner it now partially owns to offer customers GE's localized grid automation equipment and services.

GE and XD Electric Group announced the official formation of a new global partnership combining GE's automation capabilities and global energy presence with XD Electric's portfolio of high-voltage power equipment. Another component of the partnership includes the formation of a joint venture with XD to offer customers in China GE's localized grid automation equipment and services.

GE now owns 15% of XD Electric and holds one board seat.

Headquartered in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China XD Electric Group was founded in 1959 and is one of China's largest manufacturers of electricity transmission and distribution equipment. The company specializes in manufacturing equipment for electrical transmission and distribution systems, such as high voltage substations, DC voltage lines, transformers, and gas-insulated switchgear.

Originally announced in May 2012, GE and XD will offer end-to-end T&D solutions to meet the growing demand for electricity in emerging economies where demographic and urbanization trends are straining the current grid infrastructure; as well as provide customers in developed countries with HV solutions to modernize their aging grids with more efficient and reliable electrical power systems.

The combined portfolios also will support the rapid electrification and productivity requirements demanded by energy-intensive industries like oil and gas, mining and petrochemicals.

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