CC-Link Open Automation Network Receives Manufacturing Certifications In China, Japan

The CC-Link Partner Association said that its receipt of three major new certifications will stimulate additional growth for the CC-Link open automation network in China, Japan, and in international manufacturing of semiconductors, photovoltaic, and flat panel displays.

The three new certifications are: Chinese National Standard GB/Z 29496.1.2.3-2013: CC-Link Safety; Japanese Industrial Standard TR B0031: CC-Link; and SEMI E54.23-0513: CC-Link IE Field.

In China, industries such as automotive, semiconductor, and liquid crystal display have increasingly been demanding improvements in safety. CC-Link IE Field Network with integrated safety can deliver safety shutdown of processes in response to an emergency signal from light curtains, safety gates, E-stops, etc. Network diagnostics are so precise that when a cable disconnects or a faulty station is detected, the location of the fault is identified and isolated. Line trouble and module errors can be identified from any location with access to the network, such as an office or anywhere on the production floor.

CC-Link IE Field Network delivers one gigabit-per-second transmission and real-time protocol enables control of remote I/O field devices with essentially no transmission delay. This transmission rate is at least ten times faster than currently available Industrial Ethernet-based networks. The SEMI certification assures manufacturers of semiconductors, photovoltaics, flat panel displays, and related micro- and nano-electronics that CC-Link IE Field is compatible with standards-based manufacturing architectures and its many features have the capabilities to deliver improved operational performance.

CC-Link has been a de facto standard network in Japan for some time. The certification in Japan assures suppliers and manufacturers in both Japanese domestic and export markets that CC-Link meets the important IEC 61158 international field bus standard.

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