BYD Unveils Remote Driving Vehicle For Chinese Consumers

Chinese automaker BYD has delivered the world's first mass-production, dual-mode electric vehicle.

The BYD Su Rui is a remote-driving-enabled 5-seat, family sedan. Consumer sales launched in Beijing with prices starting at just under CNY65900.

The BYD Su Rui can be powered by a turbo-charged, direct-injection engine with a seamless dual-clutch transmission. The car has a fuel economy of 6.5L/100km.

The BYD Su Rui is reportedly the only product in its class with remote driving control technology. This feature is highly practical for Chinese consumers who are faced with daily parking constraints nd allows for assisted passenger pick-up from shared parking during inclement weather.

Vehicle starting, stopping and steering control is accomplished with a control unit no larger than a standard smart-key fob. In a range of 10 meters, the driver can start the car, move it forward and back, turn left and right, all traveling at a restricted speed of 2Km/hr.

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