Huawei Expects More Mobile Shipments In 2012

Wang Weijun, president for Huawei Device China region, revealed at China Telecom's 3G mobile phone trade fair that during the first five months of 2012, Huawei Device's sales in China reached over CNY10.9 billion, of which the sales of its mobile phone increased by 193% year-on-year to CNY10 billion.

Wang expected that during the entire year of 2012, Huawei Device China will ship 50 million devices, including 30 million mobile phones. This correlates to a 20% shipment increase compared with last year. In 2011, Huawei Device's overall shipment in China was 40 million units, including 20 million mobile phones. For sales income, Wang revealed that in 2011, the company's sales in China reached CNY14 billion, and they expected a year-on-year increase of 57% to CNY22 billion in 2012.

Over recent years, Huawei Device increased its share in the Chinese 3G mobile phone market by providing low-price products. However, starting from 2011, the company launched more high-end products such as Ascend P1. In regards to this strategy, Wang said the new strategy aims to enhance its branding with flagship products; enlarge market share with medium- and high-end products; and support its scale with high-quality products.

Wang added that Huawei is now tapping the high-end product sector and the company will focus on mobile phones with large screen and storage in 2012. In addition, the company will expand its channels to build a multi-channel architecture, instead of relying only on carrier channels.

Commenting on Huawei's cooperation with China Telecom, Wang said the cooperation will cover all product lines, including low end, medium end, and high end. Apart from the continuous providing of CNY1,000 mobile phones, the two parties will jointly offer cost effective products to Chinese rural users.

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