LeadDM Unveils Specialized Chinese Direct Marketing Company Database Service

Capitalizing on the growing demand for reliable company data in China, China-based LeadDM.com has unveiled a new customized direct marketing service for clients in Asia.

Using both its own database and those of its partners, LeadDM's new initiative allows its users to extract more specific company data. For example, if a user wants to target manufacturing and sourcing businesses in the Pearl River Delta with annual revenues over CNY10 million, LeadDM.com's new service provides quick access to that data. The information is saved and stored on LeadDM's cloud service, providing unlimited future access for the client to use that data.

With the rise of social media, lead generation has become very important for sales organizations in China to identify and target prospects. LeadDM's services also will be expanding to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau soon.

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