American Grain Trade Company Expands Logistics In China

U.S.-based Gavilon LLC announced plans to expand its business in China to support the company's grain trade initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition to fertilizer sales and supply activities, Gavilon Hong Kong Limited will provide destination marketing, logistics and trade finance services for soybeans, corn, barley, wheat and feed ingredients, to support its North American and Australian grain origination volume.

"As global demand for agricultural commodities continues to grow, a strong presence in China will become increasingly important in the grain and oilseed markets," said David Levine, vice president of Gavilon's international division. "We are looking forward to expanding our agricultural network in China and further developing relationships with customers in the Asia-Pacific region."

Gavilon's Hong Kong office will be managed by Richard Cheung, who will serve as general manager of the company's grain business in China.

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