Lufeng To Have China's Largest Wind Power Facility

The Lufeng Jiahuwan Wind Power Project, which is to be constructed in Lufeng, Guangdong province, is expected to be the largest offshore wind power facility in China.

Involving a total investment of CNY20 billion, the project is being constructed by Baoxin Energy with an installation capacity of 125 megawatts and, upon completion, it is expected to serve as a demonstration base for China's offshore wind power projects.

Offshore wind power has been developing rapidly in recent years in China. By the end of 2008, the country had had an installation capacity of 1,217 megawatts wind power, ranking China the world's fourth largest user of wind power. To date however, there are only two well developed wind power projects in the country, namely the wind power facility near Donghai Bridge in Shanghai and the Rudong Chaojiandai Wind Power Project in Jiangsu province.

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