Microsoft China Shanghai Science And Technology Park Begins Operations

With a total investment of CNY700 million, Microsoft China's new science and technology park in Shanghai, reportedly Microsoft's first comprehensive development and technology service park outside the U.S., was officially put into operation at the end of last month.

Located in the city's Minhang district, Microsoft China Shanghai's science and technology park covers an area of 96,000 square meters. It consists of four office buildings and one public activity center, and can accommodate up to 7,000 employees. At present, it has begun the first-phase project, which covers an area of 55,000 square meters. So far, Microsoft China's over 1,500 research and technology staff have been relocated to the park.

Zhang Yaqin, Microsoft's senior vice president, defined to local media three orientations for the future development of the park, which are the cooperation center for Microsoft and local information technology industry; the global technology support center; and Microsoft's research and development strategy center outside the U.S.

Zhang emphasized that the setting up of Microsoft China's Shanghai science and technology park shows Microsoft's confidence and commitment in the Chinese information technology industry. He believed that China has transferred from an emerging market to a global development and innovation base and has an important place in the strategy of multinational corporations.

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