China's SORL Inks Two Deals In Agricultural And Light-Truck Sector

The Zhejiang-based manufacturer and distributor of commercial vehicle air brake systems and related auto parts, SORL Auto Parts, has recently been awarded two new contracts to supply manufacturers in the agricultural and light vehicle markets.

SORL Auto Parts has signed a strategic supply agreement with Shandong KAMA Automobile Manufacturing Company to provide clutch boosters, clutch master cylinders and other air brake systems-related products. Based on current expectations, SORL has said it believes its products will account for as much as 80% of the total products in those categories used by KAMA.

Shandong KAMA Automobile Manufacturing Company is one of China's industrial giants. With over 300 sales and service stations nationwide, Shandong KAMA also exports its products to over 40 foreign countries including France, Pakistan, South Africa, and the UK. Shandong KAMA's products include micro-trucks, light-trucks, medium-trucks, and heavy-trucks and agricultural vehicles. Shandong KAMA estimates that its annual production will be 150,000 vehicles in 2010 and 200,000 units in 2011, with micro-trucks, light-trucks and agricultural vehicles comprising the majority of the products.

In addition, SORL Auto Parts has been selected as a key supplier by the Shandong Wuzheng Group. SORL estimates its products supplied to Wuzheng Group will reach CNY20 million in 2010, double the amount in 2009. Shandong Wuzheng Group is a leading Chinese manufacturer in the agricultural and light-truck vehicle sectors. Wuzheng carries over 1,000 types of products including three-wheeled vehicles, agricultural machinery, electric cars, and auto parts.

Baojian Tao, the chief operating officer of SORL Auto Parts, stated that in the future they plan on achieving whole-vehicle supply of air brake systems to Shandong KAMA and eventually become their exclusive supplier. He added that in 2009, SORL's supply to Wuzheng Group substantially improved and this new contract demonstrated the tremendous growth potential SORL has in China's agriculture vehicle market.

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