China Sky One Medical Antroquinonol Capsule Clinical Trial Approved By U.S. FDA

China Sky One Medical, a fully integrated pharmaceutical company producing over-the-counter drugs in China, has announced that Antroquinonol (Hocena) capsule, a new anti-cancer drug co-developed by Taiwan Golden Biotechnology Corporation, has been recognized as Breakthrough Drug by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and has also been approved by the U.S. FDA to enter into first stage clinical trial.

In order to promote innovation within the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Ministry of Health have launched a project to support the research and development of breakthrough drugs which are used to treat cancer, AIDS, and cardio- and cerebro-vascular diseases. The government will not only accelerate the processing of new drug applications but also provide financial and technical support for these breakthrough drugs.

In May 2009, the company signed an agreement with Taiwan Golden Biotechnology Corporation to begin cooperating on the development of Antroquinonol, which is a compound extracted from Antrodia Cinnamomea Chang and Chou, a rare medicinal fungus that grows naturally inside the Cinnamonum kanehirae tree trunk, a native tree species of Taiwan. It can be used in the treatment of liver cancer and lung cancer.

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