China's CNPV Launches New High Performance PV Range

The Dongying, China-based integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, CNPV Solar Power SA, has announced the launch of a series premium photovoltaic modules with power ranging from 240Wp-250Wp and made with high efficiency 156x156mm mono crystalline cells.

The premium module series was recently launched and displayed at the 24th EUPVSEC exhibition held in Hamburg, Germany and CNPV has already shipped 10MWp of these premium modules to Germany, France, Belgium, and the Czech Republic for rooftop applications.

The 60-cell premium module series features large, high-efficiency mono crystalline silicon solar cells, anti-reflection coated glass and high conductivity interconnected materials. The larger diameter (200mm) of the cells compared to the standard (195mm) with their high conversion efficiencies (17.5%) is said to outperform the industry average by 8%, which translates a module efficiency of 15.25%. The modules are assembled with anti-reflection coated glass which is designed to ensure 93% transmittance at STC level and to provide an additional 3% performance at field level installations. The units' soft, ductile and high-conductivity interconnected ribbons ensure minimal resistive power losses both at standard testing and field levels.

The series is backed by CNPV's 25-year power output and 10-year product workmanship warranty. The modules have received IEC 5400Pa certification verifying their ability to withstand high wind pressure and heavy snow. The premium modules are in production and available at 240Wp-250Wp power ratings. CNPV markets the modules with the classification CNPV-225M to CNPV-235M as standard series and CNPV-240M to CNPV-250M as its premium series.

B. Veerraju Chaudary, CNPV's COO and CTO, commented that CNPV was the first in its field to attain IEC certification for, and begin sale of, this class of modules series.

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