China's Skyworth Says All Its TVs Will Be Energy Saving In Three Years

Liu Tangzhi, the general manager of Skyworth Group's China Marketing Department, disclosed at a recent conference that Skyworth will make technical breakthroughs to update all its television products to be energy saving and environmentally within three years.

Liu took an ordinary 32-inch television as an example. He said that the power consumption of an ordinary TV set of this size is 140 Watts, while an energy-saving LCD TV of the same size consumes only about 75 Watts, which means that the LCD TV can help save about 6,500 Watt hours of electricity in a life span of 100,000 hours.

"The definition of energy-saving LCD TV is based on our energy-saving platform SPP and it can help us proactively yield a new generation of energy saving TVs," commented Liu.

It is learned that Skyworth is offering more than ten types of TV products under two major series that have all been adopted with energy saving technology.

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