Taizhou's BenZhou Motorcycle Group Ready To Ship New Vehicles

Looking for a supplier of cleantech vehicles? Taizhou-based BenZhou Motorcycle Group says it has unveiled a new high-speed hybrid scooter.

With the increasing demand of high speed electric scooters and alternative energy, BenZhou group has now introduced a new range of high speed electric and hybrid scooters to take advantage of the move away from gasoline vehicles. Until now the biggest problem with the electric scooters was the low speeds and long charging times, both of which are solved with lithium batteries that are charged in less than 90 minutes and offer speeds of 70 kilometers per hour in the new vehicles.

The hybrid scooters range from 500w/50cc up to 3500w/150cc, and all have EPA, DOT, and EEC certifications.

BenZhou Motorcycle Group employs more than 1,000 employees and ships over two million scooters a year to 40 countries.

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  1. very nice where will it be launch and how about the price will it be competive.

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