OKI Expands Its Dalian Operations To Meet Demand For Color LED Printers

OKI Printing Solutions has announced that it is expanding of its Chinese software development campus, OKI Data Dalian, and is boosting employment.

Operations at the extended factory started in October 2008. By doubling the facility's total floor space, OKI has been able to grow its operation to develop printer hardware as well as software and has raised the total number of employees at the facility to 180, a six-fold increase since the site was opened in 2005.

Formed in September 2005 with 30 employees, OKI Data Dalian is OKI Printing Solutions' first overseas software development company. It develops software for printers that are shipped around the world.

The company is currently increasing its engineering staff to strengthen its position in the growing MFP market as well as to meet the demand for color LED printers.

As part of the expansion of its operations, OKI Data Dalian has developed both its offices and laboratories. OKI Data Dalian plans to increase employee numbers to 200 by the end of the next fiscal year, all of whom will be housed within the campus' 2,300 square meter floor space. It also plans to expand product development in line with growth in the Chinese printer market, bringing the number of employees to 250 by 2010.

"The expansion of this facility is very important to us. China is a key base for OKI and we will continue to work with local staff in the country to further grow the OKI Data Dalian facility," said Harushige Sugimoto, president and CEO of OKI Printing Solutions. "We will also contribute to the development of our Chinese base by providing high-quality products based on our advanced technologies."

OKI Data Dalian is located in the far east of China, just a three hour flight from Japan. The Dalian Municipal Government is actively encouraging the development of Japanese companies in the area.

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