Panyu M&M Provides Export Logistic Services eBay Webshops Directly From China

China-based webshops will be able to sell goods on eBay directly to export customers using services provided by subsidiary, Panyu M&M Import Export Company.

Panyu will provide one stop export logistic services to 10,000 China based webshops who have membership with

Panyu will charge 5% of a goods value as a service fee. More SMEs in China want to retail their products through webshops to cut sales costs, with 16,000 members of already owners of webshops on, and that have became the outlets of SMEs to sell products online.

Y.F. Su, vice president of MYST, said that Panyu's export logistics business is a value adding service to both webshop and SME members of He expects that the service will encourage more than 200,000 SMEs to become Subaye members, and attract more than 200,000 eBay webshop owners to join to sell Chinese goods on eBay.

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