New Line of Concentrated Peach Juice From Shaanxi Based SkyPeople

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc., a processor and manufacturer of concentrated apple, kiwifruit, pear and other fruit juices and fruit products in China has announced that its subsidiary, Shaanxi Tianren Organic Food Co., Ltd., has successfully completed initial test production of concentrated peach juice.

At the beginning of July 2008, by adjusting its production techniques, Shaanxi Tianren successfully utilized its existing concentrated kiwifruit juice production line to squeeze concentrated peach juice. The trial production was completed by the end of July with 200 tons of total output.

"The success of our concentrated peach juice pilot production has proven that Shaanxi Tianren is capable of producing high-quality concentrated peach juice products," said Yongke Xue, CEO of SkyPeople. "Based on broader industry trends indicating a strong demand for peach juice in East and Southeast Asia as well as specific interest in peach juice from current and potential distributors, we plan to officially introduce our concentrated peach juice product to the market in 2009."

"As the kiwifruit squeeze season normally does not begin until the end of August, therefore, by utilizing the down time before kiwifruit squeeze season, the official production of concentrated peach juice will significantly improve our operational efficiency and productivity. Our successful pilot production has also established that we can utilize our existing production facilities for the production of peach juice and products. The introduction of peach juice and peach byproducts, such as frozen peach slices, will effectively broaden SkyPeople's product mix, making us more competitive with industry peers. As we continue to expand our product lines, we also have plans to introduce strawberry juice and guava juice products in the near future," Xue added.

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. is a holding company for Shaanxi Tianren Organic Food Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Tianren is a company organized according to the laws of the People's Republic of China. SkyPeople's main products are concentrated apple juice, kiwifruit, pear and other fruit juices for domestic and international consumers. Its brand, Hedetang, is positioned as a high quality, healthy and nutritious juice concentrate and clear juice product used both as an ingredient component in other products and an end-use juice concentrate product. Shaanxi Tianren owns the largest kiwifruit plantation in China and is a leading worldwide producer of concentrated kiwifruit juice.

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