China Bottles Inc. Wins USD3.3 Million in New Contracts

China Bottles Inc., a Qingyuan, Guangdong based plastic packaging solutions and plastic bottle production equipment company has announced that its June contracts amounted to approximately USD3.3 million from both domestic and overseas clients.

This figure represents a three fold increase over the aggregate value of contracts signed in June 2007. Due to variations in the terms of different contracts, this revenue will be received at different times from different parties throughout the next several months.

Of the Company's new contract wins, 56% were signed with overseas clients and were comprised primarily of mold and bottle blowing machine orders from Australia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Senegal and Algeria. Aside from Australia, all of these countries represent new markets for China Bottles. The remaining contracts were from domestic clients and were dominated by orders for polypropylene bottle blowing machines and molds for the production of pharmaceutical packaging.

"We are pleased to see our successful entry into the pharmaceutical packaging application market as well as the expanding geographic reach of our sales and marketing network," commented Chonghui Zhao, CEO of China Bottles Inc. "We believe that recent increases in business are a credit to our efficient manufacturing practices and superior quality products. As we are now operating at full capacity, we are currently planning expansions to our facilities to allow for further growth."

China Bottles Inc. is a manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate and polypropylene blow molding packaging equipment and molds in China for fifteen years. The Company has an additional established expertise in the production of beverage bottles and pharmaceutical packaging. China Bottles produces, markets and sells a full range of packaging production equipment including high speed injection molding machines for blow molding of PET/PP bottles and molds which shape and form the bottles. The Company also produces bottles that are primarily made of PET/PP which is a plastic resin that is a recyclable, durable plastic with strong resistance to heat, moisture and diluted acid.

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