Chinese Faucet Manufacturer Enhances Production Capacity

Fuda Faucet Works, Inc., a Chinese company engaged in the business of developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing mid-tier European style brass faucets, spouts, and fittings to international markets, has announced that its new electroplating production line entered production in June 2008.

The new production line, which cost CNY2 million, is installed in the company's existing manufacturing facility. Fuda Faucet electroplates its faucets, spouts and fittings prior to assembly.

"The new electroplating production line expands our overall electroplating capabilities, which in turn enables us to meet our customers' demands and provide higher quality products. Currently, the company has an annual production capacity of 3.5 million sets per year." said Yiting Wu, CEO of Fuda Faucet.

Based in Yiyang, Jiangxi province, Fuda Faucet develops, manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of brass faucets and related spouts and fittings. These products are manufactured by Fuda for Fuda Faucet. The company manufactures all its products in China and exports most of them to international markets.

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