China Sky One Medical, Inc. Develops Propyl Gallate Injection

China Sky One Medical, Inc.a pharmaceutical company producing external use, over-the-counter drugs in the PRC announced that it has successfully developed a propyl gallate injection for the treatment of acute cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease, thrombosis, dysmenorrhea and nephropathy.

Heilongjiang Tianlong Pharmaceutical, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Sky One Medical, Inc., recently completed research and development for eight different types of injections, obtaining production approval for three injections, including the propyl gallate injection. The production process for the propyl gallate injection is complex, and only seven other manufacturers are currently able to produce it.

"We are very excited about the development of a propyl gallate injection," said Yan-Qing Liu, chairman, CEO and president of China Sky One Medical, Inc. "We are now in the last stage before formal production, and expect to launch the product in the middle of August. We currently estimate that sales of the propyl gallate injection will add at least USD3 million in revenue in the fourth quarter."

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