FedEx Reduces Shipment Fees In China

According to FedEx Express, the company has reduced the shipment fees of its China domestic services from June 2008.

Chen Xinxiao, vice president of Domestic Time-definite Service in China, said that FedEx Express adjusted the shipment fees of its domestic services on June 2 and the adjustment is not temporary. In addition, the company will improve its domestic time-definite services. From Monday to Saturday, the arrival time for goods that are sent to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan, Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Guangzhou will be advanced to 10:30 the next day. At the same time, the cut-off time will also be extended to 21:00 in some areas. The improved services will not bring extra costs to customers, Chen added.

Compared with one year ago when FedEx had just entered the Chinese express market, the shipment fees of the company have decreased by more than 70% and its present prices are approximately the same as the prices of local Chinese express companies.

However, Chen Jialiang, president of FedEx China, said that the advantage of FedEx is not the low price but its timely services. FedEx focuses on the delivery of goods with high added value in China and its target customers are people who demand timeliness and reliability.

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