China's Taobao Bans Internet Sale Of Unlicensed Food Products

Sellers of special goods such as food and healthcare products must present relevant certificates before they can sell their goods on Internet auction website

Taobao says during its processing of complaints it has found out that most of the complaints are made against food, healthcare products, cosmetics, and diet pills. For this reason, it has adjusted the online sale management mechanism in cooperation with some local, unnamed departments for industry and commerce.

The special goods defined by Taobao include food, cosmetics, and medical appliances. Taobao asks sellers of these goods to fill in information about their health licenses, inspection and quarantine qualification certificates or quality inspection qualification certificates, all of which are the basic documents that a legal manufacturer should have and can be easily obtained by the sellers. Anyone who fails to provide this information can't sell their goods on Taobao's site.

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