China Energy Recovery Signs Two Overseas Contracts Systems

China Energy Recovery, Inc. has announced the signing of contracts for two systems to be built for clients outside of China.

The two new contracts are for systems in Malaysia and the Congo and they demonstrate the rapid expansion the company is experiencing in other regions and industries around the world.

"We continue to enjoy tremendous growth and expansion within our homeland market in China, where our reputation for service and superior technology has earned us great respect," said Wu Qinghuan CER's CEO. "However, we are extremely proud that our reputation has reached outside of China and is growing in other parts of the world."

The project in Malaysia is intended for a biofuel combustion system with a planned production of three megawatts of electricity and 2.9 megawatts of heat energy. The project in Congo is for a waste heat recovery system for a sulfuric acid manufacturing facility and will produce usable heat energy of 51.3 megawatts that will be used directly.

While a majority of the waste heat recovery systems CER has installed have been for sulfuric acid plants in China, the company also has extensive experience installing and operating such systems for other industries such as the steel manufacturing, cement, paper mills and petro-chemical industries. The emerging biofuel industry, and the heat generation that can be achieved through the consumption of biofuel waste products, represent a valuable new business development area that CER believes has growing potential.

"We're very confident in our ability to service many different types of industries with our waste heat recovery systems, and turning biofuel waste products into additional energy is a great example of the expanding applications for CER technology in the emerging alternative fuel industry," continued Wu. "Our systems have proven effective under extremely demanding circumstances and in many different types of industries, and they're proven to deliver exceptional results. We're looking forward to these opportunities to expand our services into new regions and to further demonstrate to the global community the advanced solutions for heat energy recovery that China Energy Recovery has achieved."

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