Shoddy Cotton Found In Earthquake Relief Supplies

Based on the information provided by Sichuan Jiangyou Pangang Group Hospital, Baoji Quality Department of Shaanxi Province has punished a cotton maker for poor quality products.

Local media reports that on May 18, Sichuan Jiangyou Pangang Group Hospital noticed that 300 quilts delievered from Baoji had serious quality problems. The local earthquake relief team immediately sent the quilts back to Baoji and reported the problem to the Baoji Municipal government's earthquake relief office. The office sent a 12 member law-enforcement team to work with the departments concerned to conduct a check on the manufacturer and seller of the quilts before sealing their equipment, processing tools, and raw materials.

Baoji Quality Department also confiscated the returned quilts which were found to be made of shoddy cotton; issued an unstated administrative punishment to the manufacturer whose name was not disclosed; and handed the case over to the local judicial department for a penal punishment.

An incomplete statistic shows that by May 28, quality departments and fiber inspection institutions across the country had supplied about 1.5 million free bed accessories and more than 400,000 pieces of clothing and respirators to the disaster area.

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