OKI's China Plans Include Telecom Equipment Manufacturing

OKI has bought out its partner's share of Changzhou OKI-GEG Telecoms Ltd, a joint company established in 1997 by OKI and Jiangsu Guoguang Electronic Information Technology.

"In 2002 at the same location as OTTC, OKI established OKI Software Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary to offer telecommunication equipment software. Now with the two wholly-owned subsidiaries in Changzhou, OKI has established a consolidated structure to develop, manufacture and sell telecommunication equipment hardware and software," said Masashi Tsuboi, general manager of Global Business Division at OKI. "With this new structure, by 2010 we aim to double our sales at OTTC compared to our last fiscal year ending March 2008."

By buying out the share owned by GEG, OKI now becomes the 100% owner of the company which is now named OKI Telecommunications Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. With this wholly-owned subsidiary, OKI establishes a consolidated structure for its telecommunication hardware equipment business covering design and production through to sales.

By consolidating its resources in system integration, customer support and sales, which had been dispersed among various companies, OKI will provide total solutions, including intellectual assets, to its customers.

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