MII Unifies Mobile Phone Data Format

Attention all mobile phone manufacturers: are you adhering to China's new standards?

Chinese mobile phone users will now be able to backup or re-save their address list with the unification of the mobile phone data format and exchange file format unveiled by China's Ministry of Information Industry.

MII said on March 15, 2008 that it had completed two industry standards on mobile phone data format and exchange file formats and had them formally released on March 12. MII said that mobile phones need to be glued with a green Universal Data Exchange tag before the telephone directories can be transmitted between them, and they need a yellow UDX tag to be affixed to them before the telephone directory are transmitted between them and a computer.

Statistics show that by January 31, 2008, there had been more than 550 million mobile phone users in China. At present, Chinese mobile phone users replace about 100 million mobile phones each year.

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