New Subsidiary For TTCM China Expands Its Heilongjiang Business

Glass-reinforced fiber plastic pipes supplier TTCM China has opened a new Heilongjiang subsidiary, Yin Chun Glass Limited, with initial capitalization of US$1.4 million.

Of that total investment, TTCM invested US$1.3 million and the balance came from senior officials in Heilongjiang.

Jiqun Wang, chairman of TTCM China, said, "We are pleased with the strategic establishment of the new subsidiary and this will make it easier for the company to increase its market share in Heilongjiang Province regions. We expect the growing demand for clean water delivery, sewerage and flood control water diversion systems in China to continue to drive demand for our products and will make the company grow in 2008 and beyond."

TTCM China, founded in 1995 and based in Tianjin, is a leading producer of glass-reinforced composite plastic and related products including high-pressure pipes to the water supply, sewerage and flood control systems. In cooperation with the Harbin Industry University, TTCM developed an advanced technology employing micro-emulsification, which enables a reduction of the amount of resin used in the production process and at the same time raises the product compactness, strength and quality.

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