Beijing Identifies 16 Unqualified Mobile Phone Batteries

Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce has published the results of lithium ion batteries circulated in Beijing markets, which shows that 16 kinds of batteries are unqualified in discharge performance or recycle longevity.

Discharge performance is one of the most important indices in judging battery quality. China's national standard requires that a battery's discharge time should be no less than five hours. However, 15 kinds of batteries have been found not to reach this standard.

Recycle longevity refers to the times of charge and discharge of batteries under normal use. Usually, battery's recycle longevity should be no less than 300 times, but nine kinds of batteries under the check have not reached the standard.

The reasons for the problematic batteries are, first, the battery cores used are unqualified and, second, the manufacturers have not marked the capacity of the batteries according to their actual situation.

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