Bribery Exposed For Chinese Medical Companies

Beijing Municipal Health Department has published a blacklist for the pharmaceutical sector, and 18 companies have been included on the list for business bribery.

The companies are Beijing Yuandong De'er Medical Device Company; Shenahen Piji Bio-engineering Holding Company; Beijng Chengzhi Huajia Technology Company; Aonuo (Hebei) Pharmaceutical Company; Shanghai Yida Medical Instrument Company; Beijing Banbosi Trade Company; Beijing Hengsanjiang Instrument Sale Company; Beijing Hua'erjie Trade Center; Beijing Weili Xinshiji Technology Company; Beijing Yikang Yongjia Technology Company; Beijing Fuji Medical Instrument and Equipment Company; Beijing Wangfengda Medicine Company; Beijing Xinyang RongAn Trade Company; Beijing Asite Medical Instrument Company; Beijing Wei Ao Kang Medicine Company; Beijing Shiqikang Trade Company; Hong Kong Yaotao Company; and Beijing Xiehe Pharmaceutical Company.

BMHD asks medical institutions of various levels not to purchase medicines or instruments from these companies. The BMHD however has not yet provided a detailed list of penalties or punishments levied against these companies.

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