China Cancels Export Licenses Of More Than 600 Toy Manufacturers

Pu Changcheng, the vice-director of AQSIQ, hs announced that during the recent special examination of product quality and food safety, AQSIQ examined and registered all toy manufactures and thoroughly investigated the 3,000 companies which manufacture or supply export toys from China. More than 600 companies' export licenses were canceled as a result of this inspection.

Pu said in a press conference of the State Council Information Office that the supervision measures for toys, especially for export toys, are stricter after the special examination. AQSIQ has set up some rules and now requires toy manufacturers to build a complete quality control system and to inspect all the export toys. Even though the exported toys are designed according to the overseas models and standards, AQSIQ will continue to still check their safety performances.

Pu pointed out that toys are related to the safety of children, and that is why China will take stricter measures in supervision of this sector. He said around last Christmas, the quality of toys became much better. Through this special examination, the overall level of Chinese toys will be improved and the safety will be ensured.

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