MII Launches 25 Chinese Communications Standards

China Communications Standards Association says the Ministry of Information Industry has launched 25 recommended standards for the communications industry which will take effect from March 1, 2008.

The website files of China Communications Standards Association show that 20 of the 25 standards are associated with TD-SCDMA and HSDPA technology and two of them involve WCDMA and CDMA2000.

A representative from Datang Mobile says the reason for launching the 25 standards is to solve connection and communication problems of TD MMS. It is an important milestone for the development of the TD standard and a sign that MII is paving the road for commercial use of TD.

MMS can support multimedia and the sending of video, picture, sound and text. It can not only transfer between mobile phones, but also can transfer between mobile phone and computer.

In April 2007, MII launched 42 communications industry standards, including Technical Requirements of Peer to Peer Multimedia Messaging Service Interworking between Networks, but the 42 standards did not attach much importance to TD-SCDMA. However, 20 out of 25 standards launched this time are connected with TD-SCDMA, which shows MII's desire of solving interconnecting and communication problem.

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