ESI Receives Multiple System Order For 9830HDE Link Processing Tool

Electro Scientific Industries, a provider of world-class photonic and laser systems for micro-engineering applications, says that ProMOS Technologies has placed a multiple-system order for its Model 9830HDE.

The 9830HDE features a high-throughput, 100-kHz laser and high-velocity stage, and is compatible with ProMOS' existing installed base of ESI 9830 laser systems. ProMOS will employ the 9830HDE systems for volume production of its advanced 70-nm DRAM devices. Shipment of the 9830HDEs to ProMOS' Taiwan fab was completed in the third quarter of ESI's fiscal year 2008.

"We chose ESI's Model 9830HDE systems over competitive offerings for several reasons," explained the spokesman for the test engineering group, ProMOS. "Our current installed base of 9830 systems has maintained a consistent level of success and the 9830HDE's high performance, reliability and superior cost-of-ownership meets the production needs of our most advanced memory devices. As a result, we will continue to look to ESI for next-generation solutions that enable our technology and product roadmaps."

Martin Igarashi, director of semiconductor link processing at ESI, stated, "This multi-system order underscores our strong, long-term partnership with ProMOS. By utilizing the 9830HDE's 100-kHz laser capability and high-velocity stage, ESI customers can achieve a very high, accurate energy delivery to smaller link geometries, which provides cost advantages by improving yields and throughput. As we continue to build on ESI's proven legacy of technology excellence, we look forward to providing ProMOS and our global customer base with innovative solutions that enable their future success."

The Model 9830HDE features a high-throughput, 100-kHz laser and high-velocity stage to enable significant improvement in throughput and cost of ownership. ESI's Model 9830HDE is designed to boost yields for DRAMs, SRAMs, embedded memory devices and other laser-fuse applications on current semiconductor memory designs. Compatible with existing 9830 systems, the 9830HDE is ideally suited for high-volume manufacturing of 90-nm and 70-nm advanced-memory devices.

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