Praxair China Expands Cooperation With Jinlong Copper

Praxair China has signed a 15-year supply contract with Jinlong Copper Co., Ltd., the largest copper smelting joint venture in China, located in Tongling, Anhui Province.

Under the new agreement, Praxair will supply oxygen and nitrogen from a new air separation plant. This will be the third plant that Praxair China will own and operate for Jinlong, having already built two non-cryogenic vacuum pressure swing adsorption plants. The new plant will have sufficient capacity to meet both the current requirements and future growth needs of Jinlong.

This is a continuation of long-term cooperation between Jinlong and Praxair. The new contracts follow a previously installed VPSA unit in 2003 and state-of-the-art process and technology service for Jinlong's third party air separation plants.

Commenting on the new contract, Zhou Jun, vice president of Jinlong said, "This is a further demonstration of Praxair's flexibility and cooperation with its customers. Jinlong Copper is committed to the continuous improvement of the smelting process and needed a partner who can provide the technical expertise in their gas supply system to ensure quality."

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