Green Manufacturing Conference To Attract Asian Companies

Details of the Green Manufacturing Conference, to be held January 29-30, 2008 in California's Anaheim Convention Center in the U.S. have been revealed.

The conference will emphasize the necessity of a multi-functional approach to sustainable manufacturing practices, while introducing its participants to concepts such as carbon-footprint reductions, design-for-manufacturing, lean and green, zero waste, green chemistry, and cleantech. It will also familiarize them with new approaches to reducing costs and increasing profits in Asia and around the world.

Many of the world's leading manufacturers are implementing programs in response to growing consumer demand for a new generation of environmentally friendly products and services.

The Green Manufacturing Conference will provide solutions for these companies which include choices in manufacturing methods that support and sustain a renewable way of producing products or services that are non-polluting, conserve energy and natural resources, are economically sound, as well as safe for employees, communities, and their consumers. In attendance will be executive, director, and management professionals from operations, supply chain, research and development, product design, engineering, manufacturing, management and marketing, environmental health and safety, and corporate communications departments.

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