European Companies In China Generally Optimistic

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China has launched its annual European Chamber Business Confidence Survey, which is published in partnership with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and presents the opinions of more than 200 European companies operating in China.

The survey reveals that European businesses are generally optimistic about their business performance in China. Their optimism is mostly based on the continuing strength of China's economic development and the resulting growth in domestic consumption. However, many of them are concerned about a series of issues such as shortages of qualified staff, environmental problems, and insufficient protection of intellectual property rights. European business expects the Chinese government to take more effective action to address these problems.

Michael O'Sullivan, the secretary general of the European Chamber, said of the survey, "It provides an important insight into the concerns and views of European businesses operating in China, and this year it bears out many of the concerns which we raised in our annual Position Paper in September. We think it will be of interest to governments in both China and Europe."

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